Production of LPL

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Production of LPL

Production process overview

Production of the LPL pane is relatively simple method, that allows to control production process and parameters of the final product.

  1. External layers of laminate. The technology is based on saturation of crisscrossing layers of mats and fiberglass with polyester resin on a table platform. Traditional saturation is made using rollers and brushes, but we are using an assembly with the horizontal spray.

  2. Polyurethane foam. On a steel frame, the liquid foam (PIU), mixed in a controlled environment from two organic compounds, is poured between the layers of the laminate.
    Reaction between the compounds emits heat, which causes the foaming agent to evaporate and the foam to grow and extensively increase its volume. Created foam fills tightly the space between laminate, creating at the same time a thermal barrier and support of the whole structure.

Technology requirements:

Technology of production of the LPL panels and assembly of the houses made from these panels is not very complicated. That is why no special skills are required and general building skills along with special training are enough.

Experience in building industry, management skills and teamwork as well!

In the first three months, all subcontractors will undergo training under supervision of instructors from the Denaro Associates. The training will include US building rules and regulations and production and assembly skills for our houses.

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