Affordable houses project

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Affordable houses project

Affordable houses project

Currently on behalf of Polish Connection, Inc. we are developing a nationwide project of building affordable houses.

Thanks to experienced staff and the trust of Polish Connection, Inc., we were able to combine revolutionary technology for manufacturing low-cost housing with capital resources, technical and administrative know-how based in the United States.

Soon you can become a part of our project!

TopIntroducing innovative technology of  LPL panel
  • The LPL layered panel developed in Poland we using in this project, is a completely innovative proposition allowing a new look on the building materials and its implementation and use.
  • In production process are used materials widely available like polyurethane foam and polyester resin.
  • The result is the LPL panel that could be used in construction of residential and commercial buildings.
TopThe main advantages of this technology are:
  • Waterproofing ? complete lack of water and moisture absorption
  • No emission and no smell
  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics
  • Excellent mechanical and acoustic characteristics
  • Low cost of production
TopBuildings constructed using this technology are:
  • Resistant to devastation,
  • Easy and inexpensive in maintenance,
  • Incredibly well insulated for heat and noise,
  • Easy in production and quick to assemble,
  • Environment friendly,
  • Inexpensive in production.

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